Friday, August 19, 2016

Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?
Last Saturday night, at 10:30pm, we traveled to the Missouri Botanical Garden to take in the rare blooming of the amorphophallus titanum commonly called the Corpse flower due to the odor and size.  
(Seldom do I see 2:00 am these days anyway.)

After driving an hour, waiting in line for another half hour, then seeing the flower for less than 5 minutes, it makes me wonder…  Was it worth it? YES. Unabashedly Yes. How often would I actually get to see and smell it in "Real Life?" I heard a student say the "Grand Canyon? I will just Google it!" (Imagine the limits in understanding after seeing pictures of the Grand Canyon, and thinking you have really experienced the presence!?) How many other things do I miss because I am in a hurry, on my way someplace else or not paying attention.  I really must take time to smell the roses.  I see these 8th grade students in our building and it does seem like they were just in 6th grade last month. They are growing with leaps and bounds right now and it is amazing the maturity they are showing. Let’s continue to provide them opportunities for leadership.  We were even thinking about having them assist during the first day of school while everyone is trying to get things together, there are still new students, lockers, classes and teachers to find. Mentoring and peer leadership roles are wonderful motivators at getting those students engaged.

It is ALWAYS worth it.

Tom McCracken


  1. Experiencing leadership helps them see their place in the leadership role, and letting them experience that as middle school students may change their thinking and lead them in new directions where leadership becomes a goal that is real to them! What we experience we remember and value. We see leadership roles occurring in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and it is life-changing for many of those young people. So kudos to you for providing them the opportunity to truly experience something they have most likely only heard about.