Sunday, August 21, 2016

How do we measure stamina or persistence?

What is the difference between a SETBACK and a DEFEAT?
Think baseball! 
A SETBACK might be related to a pitch called a strike but the batter just stood there. It sets us back, behind or in a weaker position, but it does not mean things are done, completed or finished! An opportunity for success still exists and things could still work out! The SETBACK just makes it harder. A big part of education is working to get over this hurdle and overcome.
A DEFEAT might be the end of the inning, the end of the “at bat” or the end of the game. Regardless, there is a sense of finality in the DEFEAT but a sense of hope in the SETBACK.
School must teach how to overcome SETBACKS.
These window decals mapped out the last few weeks of our school year. We want to sprint to the future but not kick too early. We must finish strong and carry our load all the way to the end. Here, events and special activities are aligned to motivate any and every student in our building. WHO might we be missing? Who is not served in this group of activities? Who are we leaving out? For example, our DodgeBall Tournament pulled in anybody and everybody.
Meet: The Enforcers

At School, we strive to develop the full person, the academics, the discipline, social and emotional intelligence, executive function, financial awareness and exercise. These are just a few of the parameters we deal with on a a daily and nearly continuous basis.  All while students have cell phones, worry about their fashion risks and attend classes on time, while getting homework done, permission slips signed and turned in, and lunch accounts paid up.  But this is the middle school and that is what we do!

Setbacks happen continuously but defeat is never accepted.  Setbacks demonstrate trying, attempting something new and taking educational risks.  Setbacks are expected.  Defeat is not.

Every person who has met success, also met failure!

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