Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Parent Hopping and Teacher Hopping?



If you are more fortunate than others, 
it is better to build a longer table than a taller fence.

Parent Hopping! AND Teacher Hopping!
The act of asking the other parent when the first parent gave the “wrong” answer. If Dad said “NO,” go ask Mom. At school, we are aware of our consistent follow through and how our students are sensitive to the differences. We may be agreeing just to agree, even if it is not exactly what we think is important. For instance, hats in the building. We ALL will ask a student to take his hat off in the building but does that really have a MAJOR impact on the learning in itself? Can a student learn with a hat on?  Regardless of our personal interpretation, we all agree that consistency is more important and a unified front displayed by the teachers is far more important.
Planners are another factor that may or may not be important to an individual teacher. Yet, we as a team agree to use planners in our classrooms to help student organize as they work their way through their middle years. Do we need them?  DO STUDENTS NEED THEM?  Schools are student centered even though they are teacher led! Therefore, planners it is!
Teacher Hopping, for instance, in the middle school takes on a familiar look as well. A student asked me, “Can I go to my locker?” I was not sure why a student would ask me that question, so I paused. Coach came up and I deferred the question to him. Then, it was clear that the student was trying to “Teacher Hop” and bypass the rule by asking another Staff member! Sounds like at home. If mom says NO, ask DAD. Together, the letter of the rule is not as important as the need for us to be unified and together in our enforcement! We agree to remain individuals but serve students as a team!

An Argument strives to prove WHO is right.
A Discussion strives to prove WHAT is right.
Let's not confuse the two.
Stay on the same page and convey a truly unified front, knowing agreement to serve children is better than proving who is right.

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