Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Storm Provides

The Good Dinosaur claims...  The Storm Provides!
Each of us that make it through the storm are able to learn, gain wisdom and come through stronger and better equipped to face the next challenge. Has the storm provided in you life?

In this season of SPRING TIME I remember that nothing is ever permanent or automatic. We each travel through seasons, learning what we can and getting the most from each experience. Those who learn from other people's mistakes are often spared the extremes of life. Those who make the mistakes themselves learn more deeply! Getting to have conversations about what it means to be a teacher reminds me of my passages through stress, discomfort and uncertainty. At Winfield, we do our best to reach into, serve, and provide for our community a foundation upon which students can grow! Our students truly are the future. We don't know what they will grow through or go through but we want them to be as equipped as possible to face what comes their way.

A question asked of me in an interview long ago comes to mind. Mr McCracken, what would you rather teach? Calculus or basic math?” My flippant response of “People, stuff!” did nothing to impress my interviewer, but it did set the stage for my future. Yet, that single question and answer helped me articulate what I thought was most valuable. I realized my goal wasn't this group of children or that group of children but all people. Regardless of their season of life, anyone could become my new audience. Here is where I am growing the most! I might not be able to teach those with more wisdom or understanding but I would like to help create an environment where learning, change and development are the norm and those “aha moments happen daily for everyone. I teaching and lead my peers, most of whom are talented, equipped and specially trained in their area of expertise well beyond my limited education-- either formally or from the streets! I used to think I could actually be the teacher! I am realizing I can only support their learning. Each of us, regardless of our situation in life,must be responsible for our own learning.


Ancora Imparo,
Yet, I still learn


Tom McCracken