Saturday, September 10, 2016

An argument seeks WHO is right. A discussion seeks WHAT is right!

What is right?
Who is right?
How can we get past the argument into the discussion?
Competition or Collaboration or Communication?

As we face problems, issues, obstacles and hurdles, I instantly think of the teachers at in my building as the best resources for developing plans to address the problems.  I know some concerns are not easy to articulate and others aren't easy to solve.  Many times, it seems like the problem is so ingrained, it is insurmountable.  Regardless, I think of their opinions, ideas and brainstorming sessions as valuable.  In fact, often times, when I get over my stubbornness, we apply staff created and designed solutions addressing things with deft, tact and creativity. 
Back in the day, a realtor told me, “‘No’ means ‘Maybe’ and ‘Maybe’ means ‘Yes! As someone is looking for a house, they may like everything but the carpet!  That is a ‘Maybe’ and it brings us one step closer to satisfying their housing needs. Additionally, ‘No’ just lets us know what is not working!  All we need to do is keep trying to maximize the benefit for ALL parties, from the students and parents to the teachers and district.  What works for ALL of us?!
Gathering opinions, insights and experiences for the true good of the group maximizes buy-in, effectiveness and participation. Proposing ideas and brainstorming brings out the best.
Keep up the collaboration through the communication and shy away from the competition!

An argument seeks WHO is right.  A discussion seeks WHAT is right!