Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Motivation is...?

Motivation is Intrinsic or Extrinsic?

Some students and Chad Varga, the day before we climbed #onthemap.
In Missouri, we have our MAP/EOC tests in the spring .  We prepare for this time in so many ways.  We talk about it.  We develop relationships with students.  We encourage our students to take extra effort.  We feed them.  We engage them in the planning.  We brainstorm.  We even bring in guest speakers.
Yesterday at WMS, we brought in Chad Varga (@chadvarga) to talk with students about effort, success, choices and changes.  He shared stories from his past and painted a picture of their future filled with accomplishments, benchmarks and deliberate decisions, regardless of their backgrounds.
Mr Varga reminded us of how persistence and effort determine our future, no matter what background we bring to the situation.  His life is so focused on overcoming obstacles, he devoted a book to the issue.  Bounce addresses returning to a positive attitude after a setback.  Since we all have setbacks, the important part is doing well after that! Chad encouraged us to continue and persist!
Another topic of discussion surrounded a true interpretation or definition of success.  Is true success making yourself happy or serving others?  Chad shares a story about Spain, pro-ball, commitments and distractions and true happiness.  He took us all on an imaginary adventure in our minds eye to a deck overlooking the sea, quiet and peaceful with the world as our oyster, ready to have for any purpose at all.  How many points on the court are necessary for success?  Where does it stop and where does it start?
As an adult, Chad has no problem overcoming any barriers in communication.  He connected with our students with honor and respect and expected that in return from them, winning the crowd early and keeping them engaged the entire time.  He addressed consequences and choices through a moving story about his choices and the outcome of a single positive choice made all the way back in high school!  Even our middle school students could connect with the stress of overcoming peer pressure and doing the right thing.
Finally, he addressed the thing that puts fear in everyone: change.  Ask one student who was willing to risk everything, step out of his comfort zone and take a chance!  They will both remember that day forever.  Fear of failure handcuffs many of us but facing those fears and changes is the only way to reach new goals, find unrecognized success and make authentic changes.  Regardless of history, background, what has happened in the past and how the past influences our future, Chad suggested we can break these chains, interrupt the cycle and get out of the spiral.  But we can’t do it alone!  We need caring folks to surround us and help us build those bridges.
Staff and students alike enjoyed the powerful message from Mr Varga.  His entertaining and engaging visit with our students left the entire building energized and ready to conquer.  We are all excited about the impact of this single day and what it means to the future here at WMS.  We can’t wait to be #onthemap with Chad Varga.

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