Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Flood or 2013, Cuiver River from Frenchmens Bluff

Sandra McCracken, my sister, writes a song titled Age to Age.  Interestingly, this song is written about flood waters along the Mississippi, where two boys would play by the water, along the levy.  In the song, the levy breaks and water and sand overcome them.  Authorities come and pull the one up by the hand and they ask where the brother is, he replies, "I'm standing on his shoulders."  She continues to mention atrocities of war, the Trail of Tears and Martin Luther's thesis nailed to the establishment door, all in a quest to urge us to persist in the face of challenges and transitions.

Sure enough, here in spring time, where school officials adjust assignments, administrators relocate and students and teachers alike prepare for summer break, we wonder about change.  What are we going to do with new teachers, students and staff?  According to Sandra, we are going to persist, continue on and build on the efforts of those that have traveled before us, standing on their metaphoric shoulders!  We are not going to quit! We are not a going to throw our hands up in frustration. We are going to do all we can to continue growth, advancement and progress. 

Of course, things will not be the same and neither will our students so we will push forth. Again, referring to Dr Seuss,  will keep trying and asking for things to be better, even something as simple as green eggs and ham.

These pictures show a bit of the before and after during the floods of 2013.  This puts a graphic illustration to the song and reminds us of the power of time on our lives. The water spills out of the banks and takes over the surrounding fields.  This disaster is a setback but gives us options.  We could continue where we are, rebuild and go on!  Or we could relocate, find a new place to call home and start over someplace else.  A final option is to lament and wallow in the perceived sorrow, thinking we have no control! 

In Winfield, we don't quit.   We won't stop.   We will persist through these tests, get stronger and learn from the battles, coming out wiser and better prepared for our future.  During transitions, some are overcome and others come through and grow. 

What will we do?  What will you do? 




Age to age, Best Laid Plans, 2004

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