Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What would you rather teach?

Calculus or Basic Math?
This traditional church in Florida reminds me of how things used to be.  Everything changes.
When asked that interview question years ago, as a flippant and irreverent young man, just out of college I replied, "People, stuff!"  Needless to say that response kept me out of that role.  I did not get that job!
Fast forward to today.  As middle school principal, all day long, the goal is to help everyone get to their next level.
Sometimes that means asking the right questions and not just giving the answers.  Sometimes it means creating an environment where everyone is taking a risk.  Often, it is waiting for the right time to ask a question or the right time to supply an answer. 
Watching our school improve is like serving everyone simultaneously and helping each person grow to their next level, regardless of their role in our building.
In the restaurant business being a good waiter is vital. The best servers know what the customer needs before the customer knows they need it. Serving others first is ultimately self serving, for their success is your success.
Servant-Leadership implies the leader is actually the servant.  There lies the rub!  How can the leader actually be the servant as well?  Maybe more on that later.
How can I help? What do you need? How are things going? These are examples of open ended questions that help others articulate their needs.
What would you want to teach? Maybe take people from wherever they are, to their next level, regardless of the starting point.

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