Thursday, February 14, 2013

Training for the trainers.

A while back, we went to some training on active shooter situations.  It seems the news is covering more and more of these trainings.  A few things seem to emerge from the training.
1.  Examine the behaviors of the perpetrators!  Understand their planning, or lack of.  Look for any common behaviors. 
2.  Study the responses of law enforcement.  Be aware of their preparation and how they act in those situations and build a plan around their basic principles.
3. Finally, without giving away any secrets, understand what prior victims have done and learn from them.
   A.  Hide and get away!
   B.  Consider escaping.
   C.  Depending on ages and maturity levels, fight back!
There are no trade secrets but there are some hints to equip folks, but...
Lock doors at all times and use a small magnet to hold the door adjar.  Then retrieve the magnet when necessary, let the door close and, never step into the hall after the alarm has sounded.
The photo for today looks like a stack of books, but they could also become projectiles if the situation warranted. (so could ur phone)
These hints should never take place of a thorough and well executed intruder plan.  Consider collaborating with local experts, law enforcement or even security firms and never fail to ask for ideas.

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