Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Special Guest Author on Winning!

A POST on leadership evolved into a guest contribution on winning!

 Just to try and get a pulse on our status, growth and progress, this article by @Leadershipfreak was sent to the staff at our school!
 Organizations fail because leaders fail and leaders fail because they:
  1. Stop learning.
  2. Don’t build the team.
  3. Can’t collaborate.
  4. Won’t adapt.
  5. Won’t delegate.
  6. Assume.
  7. Blame.
  8. Lack focus.
  9. Don’t communicate.
  10. Don’t plan.
The reply was…

“We won't fail because as a faculty:

We love learning; we are passionate about our subject matter, and care whether or not our students are learning.
We rely on our team mates to build us up and support one another regularly.
We collaborate as a building and as a district.
We change and adapt constantly to understand and teach new Common Core Standards and prepare our students for life after "the test".
We delegate when necessary and share responsibilities on committees and with extra-curricular duties.
We don't assume things will just happen. We make them happen. We're trained and equipped with new knowledge after each PD day.
We don't blame the community, parents, or students for what we lack. We do our best to prepare for the time at school we can control what our students do and learn.
We focus on our mission and vision to ensure student success.
We communicate all of the time!
We plan together, as a team, across subjects, and create engaging lessons worth teaching!”
Carrie Gracey
6th grade Math and Reading Teacher,
Middle School PLC Coach
&Assistant Varsity Cheerleading Coach

Nothing needs to be added.  Thank you, Carrie.
 Special thanks to: Carrie Gracey, @Leadershipfreak, and Adam Wurtzel http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/tag/alan-wurtzel/

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