Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 things required to develop community...

Community needs...

Where are these cliff dwellings located?
So how do we go about building a community or culture of success?  Are there things we can actively "do" that will improve our lot? 
A friend @JesseQuiroz talked about what it might look like if we were to improve our community.  How we might improve our comm"unity" and become a closer knit team.  He mentioned 3 characteristics that we can aspire to that increase the bond between the members.   Cooperation    Encouragement     Confidence  Those behaviors permeate the building here and evidence of the improved community is everywhere.  Those behaviors also exist among those dedicated individuals that have sacrificed to much or all for our country.
Working together and being part of a team adds to a project and allows greater things. Synergy and a clear division of duties, where delegation, trust and follow up are all part of the culture, or way of doing things.  The tribe living here obviously had to cooperate to exist, get along and thrive over their tenure in this setting.  Just like at school, working together, sharing and collaborating is vital for real success.
The first thing brought out when looking at this word is "courage" is the root!  Yes, it takes courage to share something positive with another.  Motives may come into question. Validity of the statement and even convincing the recipient that the approbation is accurate can sometime lead to doubt and additional insecurity.  Any group that could raise a family and form a society that would find their security in a dwelling folded into a cliff would need encouragement and admonishments for safety and basic needs.  At school, the lack of encouragement or positive words of affirmation limit the depth of relationships and keep most connections distance.
Finally, the lack of confidence or insecurity leads to many other characteristics harder to identify and pinpoint.  For instance, insecurity may prevent folks from trying for fear of failure.  Insecurity prevents authentic effort and leads to the common practice of just doing "enough to get by."  Insecurity also forms the mortar that folks use to build walls of "protection," boundaries of isolation and tends to keep things shallow for fear of sharing the real person, lest rejection occur.  (Is it better to love and lose, or never love at all?)  Folks living among the cliffs need confidence just to get around. Dealing with students also takes confidence and the portrayal of assurance that things are not too great a challenge! 
How do these attributes translate into action, steps or behaviors?  What does it look like to cooperate, encourage or be confident? 
Challenge:  Practice cooperation, encouragement and confidence and see if it works!


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