Sunday, June 10, 2012

a principal evaluates or advocates???

What is the highest and best use for the educational leader in the building? To identify the single greatest does disservice to the big picture of education.

Today we are going to discuss evaluate and advocate and the shirt in perception. As an evaluator, we look for the problems, issues concerns and focus on the negative dilemmas face every day. The advocate considers how the situation can be improved without diminishing the hope of those involved. Can the leader take each person in the building and take them individually to their next level?

Many years ago, I was once asked in an interview with a prominent district whether I wanted to teach advanced or basic content. After a moment, I answered somewhat flippantly, "people, stuff.". Needless to say, I did not get that job but that dialogue has left an impression on my decisions since. My true goal is to get to know each person, assess their current situation, gather ideas, techniques and ideas on pedagogy, execute that plan, look for and celebrate success in every single person.

That is how I want to teach. That is how I want to lead.

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