Monday, June 18, 2012

Plans to Build Champions - part 2 of 4

Last time, we mentioned having a goal worth a champion as the first key. Today, we consider the plan to reach that goal and the characteristics of that plan.

Unique or individual are two descriptors of a plan necessary to build a champion. For instance, practice, workouts and preparation must be so customized, that every exercise addresses a specific need of the champion. Efficiency and effectiveness meet and every act of preparation aids to the creation of a champion. The current condition of situation thus determines the direction or path of this perfect and unique path. This path is also unique relative to others. There is no way that a cookie cutter or box plan will build a champion. These principles are similar but the plan is unique and based on the needs of the participant. Doing what everybody else does will get their results. Doing the same thing as before will also give the same results as before!

Completed or perfected would also describe the plan necessary. Obviously detailed implies the need to have every act serve some intentional purpose aligned with the quest. Nothing can be left up to chance or hope. Chance and Hope are not part of the perfect plan. An interesting interpretation of 'perfected' means there is no way to get it better. Loosely, this implies 'the best.' Thoughts and actions all will align to this champions goal. Everything will be deliberately planned to support and activities or thoughts that hinder will diminish. Every detail in life is now open for examination or even suspicion. Thorough also describes the plan of a champ.

What noble goals are established, published and worthy?
What plans are in place to reach those goals? Are they the same as before? Are they the same as everyone else? Do the plans consider the candidate's strengths, deficiencies and natural abilities?

What do you think? Is this too much work? Is it worth it? Is status quo sufficient?

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