Monday, June 3, 2013

What would you do with 3 hours of free time?

Vacation blog!  Oxymoron?
Another interview question:  What would you do with 3 hours of free time?  Three days?  Finally, three weeks?

Consume or improve?   Most people I prompt answer in one of these two ways.  Some are willing to admit they would spend time investing in themselves, taking care of personal needs or wants.  Others would fill their time with helping others, often creating energy from energy by getting their energy from others.  Is one more impoartant than the other? 

In either situation, taking care of self is just as important as taking care of others.

Those taking care of themselves first may be adhering to the advice given on a plane, as mentioned in an earlier post, when the steward says "in the unlikely event of a drop in cabin pressure' please put the drop down mask on _________?_________ first?  Does she say to put it on your child first, or yourself first? Of course, she says to take care of yourself first.  Unless we take care of ourselves first, we will be in no condition to assess and address the needs of others!   Many recognize their needs and even identify and articulate the issues clearly but without the ability to follow through, our understanding s in vain!  We won't be able to help.  Recollections from mountaineers struggling to conquer mighty obstacles often pause when the servant attitude implies we take care of others first. 
On the others hand, folks often find energy serving and taking care of the needs of others.  This drive, passion or even gift often times lurks in the background.  This servant works to put others in the limelight, spotlight and center stage.  A true servant is motivated to put others first.  How does this align with our earlier thought of take care of ourselves, before we can take care of others?
Another option may be a combination of both!  In an attempt to simplify, we may have oversimplified!  Maybe we can't enjoy an either/or situation?  As I sit here, unwinding and trying to enjoy a week of vacation, I struggle with feelings of guilt for not doing enough.  I struggle considering to myself, I should be working on something.  I am distracted thinking this time a loss in productivity!  But then I wonder if I am doing myself a disservice by not truly letting things go and unwind.  What or where is the balance?  Is there a balance or is it all or none?  Will it be alright?  Will everything get finished? 
Yes, there is value in both work and relaxing. 

Conclusion:   Work hard to relax during vacations!  Those in our teams deserve our best.

picture credit:  Table Rock lake, Lampe Missouri photo by author of ZGR and SBG.   (Happy b day SBG)

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