Friday, June 28, 2013

Vacation advice to teachers...

Vacations are for...

Which Missouri water way is this?
Down the Courtios Creek, before the Huzzah and Meramec join in South Central Missouri, we stole a few hours and went for a canoe float.  A standard get-away for us here in the fly-over states is a summer day, working on our sunburns.  The blue sky, cool water and slow pace are perfect to purge worries and cares from our minds as we slow down and reconnect with a different perspective.   This new point of view supplies us with three things.  Rest, Renewal and Rejuvenation.
Rest Emotionally
Of course the rest is vital.  We really can't go on forever.  Physiology and athletic trainers confirm we get stronger during our healing and resting.  The exercise tears us down but the strength comes from the pause.  Burnout is inevitable without the rest. We must take care of our self first!  Once our heart is over the stress of the prior school year, we can prepare to give to our upcoming students in the following year.
Renewal Physically
The fresh start also allows us to begin new ways of doing things, new methods and new procedures.  We can call any day, "Day 1" but when there are highlights or landmarks to signify and delineate these new beginnings, implementing a change or renewal is easier. Summer break, anniversary or birthday allow us to remake our self and work to be who we want to be.
Rejuvenation Mentally
Finally, this energy comes from a mental commitment as we as the physical commitment.  We mentally adjust through affirmation, positive thought processes and energetic outlooks on our past, present and future.  This realignment allows us to focus better ways of doing things, improved methodology and increased efficiency without disregarding the people around us.  Our focus, drive and concentration improve and a willingness to achieve is once again present.
To all Teachers:
Enjoy your summer!  Let your self go and let yourself grow!  Don't sweat the little stuff, and its all little stuff.  Then return ready to tackle the world.


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