Friday, November 30, 2012

The Order Is: Content Literacy Discipline Technology

Last week we posed a question, an item for debate.  Our quest was to determine the rankings of the following four classroom issues:  Literacy, Content, Discipline and Technology:
From the top of the metropolitan building in NYC, the curvature of the earth is noticeable.  Also observable is evidence of the millions of people, and their opinions of value, interests and tastes.

We are trying to find out if there is a consensus on what is most important.  With very little direction given, the answers are below, in the order they were submitted:
Discipline Literacy Content Technology (JS)
Content Technology Literacy Discipline (JD)
Literacy Content Technology Discipline (CG)
Discipline Literacy Content Technology (WM)
Content Literacy Technology Discipline (AH)
What jumps out?
By figuring the answers on a 4 point scale, 4, 3, 2 and 1, we see contentsqueaking by literacy for first, technology a clear last and discipline a closer to the bottom than the top. All the answers were varied but a few commonalities occurred between the categories.
Content has a bit higher score than Literacy.
Literacy follows closely as second in importance.
Technology is clearly at the low end.
Discipline is at both extremes, most important and least important.
Personally, I am impressed knowing these willing candidates made choices by interpreting and arranging these terms with valid arguments.  No one was flippant in their response.  Each of these folks have contributed from a different content, favoring various techniques but all contributors influence students to do above and beyond expectations.  Having them offer an earnest option leads me to believe in the individual, and an interpretation of a situation is best done by those in the middle of the situation.  Being dogmatic or one sided may not serve everyone.  Seeing these responses helps me recognize validity of multiple opinions in every situation.  I expected the results to mimic mine.  How I was narrow minded!
Thanks for sharing.

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