Monday, September 24, 2012

To make a decision it takes...

One of my hardest lessons:  Try telling a story about what you did last night without using personal singular pronouns like "I," or "me!"  Instead think in terms of "us."  Why???  Nobody really cares about what I did singularly but often as a team, many great things are done, more people get to find success and doing something together builds synergy, cooperation and a culture where folks truly work for the best for students.  Sometimes a singular story is necessary but try that exercise above.

A banner for the football game "lets go big red" built by students, for students.
(From last post: Columbia MO is the location of the famous columns of the University of Missouri)

Big things can't be done alone.  We need others to reach a decision, share their perspectives and provide the alternative point of views!  (Please care enough to LMK otherwise)

Solving problems individually is substantially more challenging than in a team.  If all the stakeholders are together, the outcome can only get better.  Partial or incomplete groups lead to insufficient data, input and outcomes that still may need adjustments! (notwithstanding the decisions that are made that fall short of effective)

Any effort that involves collectively examining data, talking about the interpretations and then applying interventions to respond to that data is optimally beneficial in an environment where true collaboration reigns.  With no competition among staff to prove personal worthiness or value by using students as pawns, we all share our perspectives as well as our data to make decisions.  Thus everyone shares from a posture of cooperation and student success.  This attitude permeates the building here at Winfield Middle School.  Folks seem truly interested in the success of students.  From the grade level team meetings where the staff all participate, to the hallway supervision to the student centered activities that engage students in the technology, the lesson and even their own learning?  Our interventions at WMS are designed to reach the student's specific needs by considering as much information as possible and addressing everything together.

How does anybody become a better content teacher?  Teach children by meeting their needs first and the content will follow!  Collaborate with other professionals.  Take an educational risk for students sake. (Nice TC) Then use data to answer intervention questions!  What do we do with these students #atplc if they don't get it?  Or an even better concern, what if they do get it?  #atplc

Winfield Warriors #winwar will be on the map!
How are we doing?
To make a decision it takes... To make truly effective decisions, data must be used collectively and collaboratively with everyone sharing in the entire process till a unique and personal and optimal decision is finally reached! 

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