Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A team like this could...

... do anything!
Often times, the day begins before I even make it to the office, but once I get to school, things are truly stellar.

Sunrise or Sunset?

A substitute request from a teacher with an ill child.  A coach calling about practice the night before.  Gas and a cup of coffee for the drive to school.  But then I get to the building and notice success after success! Here are a few.

In the halls and classrooms, teachers are making connections with students through technology, sports and free time activities as well as sharing successes over progress reports.  Teachers are crafting exciting lessons, activities and learning situations that tempt even me to engage as I visit classrooms all day long.  Other staff are sending students to the front of the room to demonstrate and "teach" the rest of the class.  Hands on activities, student engagement and great things happening throughout the building., and and plays regularly in many rooms.Our teachers are receptive to explore and willing to take risks but student centered in their presentations.  They seem to intuitively apply the right amount of pressure to make folks want to try a bit harder, yet never basing the relationship on actions but accepting our students as people or judging for failed attempts.

Our students are reading books in the hall while waiting for the bell to ring, bragging about their grades to the principal, singing songs they just wrote and claiming they love school.  Some students even argue about the right way to do a math problem.  Others are heard asking "When are we going to use this?" and really wanting a good answer.  Others are wanting to discuss bullying and it's effect on others by forming a committee.  Another youngster even wanted to buy a lunch for his friend.  These students here are wonderful, hard working and striving to please.  They are ready to be on the map. #onthemap  Even our substitutes are willing to return a second time.

The support staff, like the custodians, both day and evening, the maintenance crew, the kitchen crew, and even the bus drivers are all foundational to the success of this place .  The kitchen crew encourage students, calling them by name and getting to know them as individuals as well as doing their jobs cleanly and deliciously with the thought of getting Winfield on the map. #onthemap The bus drivers are addressing issues on the bus and keeping things under control, orderly and safe but never failing to bring up extreme concerns as necessary.  The custodians are cheerfully going the extra mile by doing extra duty on those rainy days and evenings when things get tracked up again and again.  Even our outdoor guys keep things presentable and tidy for that all important first impression.  Even folks working in the offices apply such a sincere extra effort that we know if they did it, it is probably correct.  Our secretary and counselor run the office like a tight ship with effective procedures, policies and programs always subordinate to the people.  They support the kids like a mom, the teachers with a listening and discerning ear and the parents with shoulders big enough to take it yet soft enough to cry on. 

Connecting to the community through the parents of our students always leaves me with more than a glimmer of hope.  Working through concerns, whether on the bus or in the classrooms energizes me as parents truly demonstrates their compassion and protection of their children.  Even the emotionally charged situations seemed to have ended on a positive and upbeat note. 

Working alongside all these self-sacrificing and serving people leads me to believe, success is inevitable for the students of Winfield Middle School.  #onthemap With our teachers connecting to students, students connecting to their work and families connecting to their children, we have the ingredients for a great school year. Please stay in touch.

Please let me know who I forgot!  I am sure I have forgotten a few.

Remember what it takes to build a champion
A worthy goal,  unique plan to get there, the right work on the way, and support from others!
 I see every component aligned here at Winfield Middle School.

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