Thursday, August 16, 2012

How was your first day of school?

Here on the second day of a great school year, some students and I were discussing their first day of school.  I asked them "how was school yesterday."  I actually heard one say “I did not want to leave!” and then 3 more agreed.  This did not sound like a normal answer so I asked another and heard “I could not wait to come back today!” 
We had attendance rate of over 98%, on day one.  Six students out of 311 were missing!  These children seemed to be excited to be at school.  They felt like their teachers cared they were there.  They seemed to enjoy the positive interaction with the support staff as well.  Their bus behavior was outstanding both to and from school, even with the bridge out and one bus having to take the very long way home.

Students seemed to respect the struggling newcomers to the building, even offering aid opening lockers and finding classrooms. Technology was in use everywhere: the classrooms, the library, even the commons during PE and before school while waiting to go to class.  It seemed like everyone was working to speak to these technological natives in their own tongue.  It’s like, we went to reach them on their level!

We were only Winfield, now we are on the map!

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