Tuesday, August 21, 2012

# 2. A Culture of learning is...

CULTURE:  Two of Seven

 What does it look like?  What does it mean to have a culture of learning? How do we know if we've arrived?  How do we know if we missed the mark? Can we adjust midstream or is culture an all or none proposition?

Building and creating culture takes time and often the goal is elusive as we begin the journey.  We may think we know what it looks like but often we know more about what it does not look like.  We know what doesn't work and need to get together to determine what does work.  We know how we don't want things but can we articulate what we do want?

Maybe this is where the leader comes into play?  Does the leader carry the vision, focus on the vision and share the vision with the community so others can join in that common quest?  Does the leader view decisions based on the common vision?

This pier extends into the distance and we can't really see the details right now, but we trust that the foundation will support us and the journey will not be too much for what we have inside.

In a culture of learning, EVERYONE should be involved in the learning process.  We all should remember and understand what a risk looks like, how it feels, and the insecurity lurking behind every chance!  Failure is necessary for advancement and learning but does that failure mean we are failures?  Does the leader model what it looks like to fail and still return to the contest?  Without failure, we are stuck in a rut, which is just a grave with both ends kicked out!

In a culture of learning, everyone is comfortable taking risks, looking for opportunities to grow and areas needing additional attention.  It is a place where failing does not make one a failure!  A true learning environment ferments when there is some level of discomfort for all!  We know we have reached the acme when everybody is willing to take a chance, from the leader all the way through the organization. 

An examination of the culture leads to another though?  Is it poison?  Is it fostering?  Does it promote growth, maturity and development or does it stifle creativity, expressiveness and exploration? Is it like this below?

I remember this quote from my childhood, back in 1969...
I noticed it today and thought it was still timely...
This describes a culture of learning!

The assembly today allows us to celebrate our accomplishment and kick off the next chapter in our change.  We know change is constant but growth is optional!

We are Winfield and we are on the map!

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