Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fail Big Now, Win Big Later

Daily, we all have the opportunity to add to our future. Reading, writing, playing and solving problems are all necessary ingredients for success.  From Thomas Edison to the Wright Brothers, they knew and embraced failure, getting them closer to success. Missing one night of reading is not failure, but just another opportunity to start again.

I don't usually share too many videos but this one struck a chord.  It reminded me to embrace and push to the point of failure.  Failure becomes the landmark of growth, getting better and final success.

 @kickgenius shares motivational and insprirational thoughts, media and attributes for all of us in the people industry.  After watching that video, we see the chance for success and the opportunity for growth and advancement happens AFTER many, many apparent failures.  Muscle memory, learning, and overcoming the unknown are the best ways to take things to the next level. Asking students, teachers ourselves and others to learn means we may also be asking them to fail!

Failure is not permanent. Some call it the First Attempt In Learning.  Some think champions never fail.

What is your favorite thing about FAILURE?

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