Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June, July and August???

The best 3 things about school?  June, July and August!  Really?

Only in the summer time do these climbing flowers enjoy their success!

The life of an educator borders on chaotic!  Every day, children enter a common room, battle a common adventure and the end of the year, a common thread binds teachers and students.  Teachers enjoy seeing students progress and grow as the school year winds down.  Markers of the year, like pictures, work samples and celebrations contradict the urge to call it quits!  Clearing decorations, signing out, saying good-byes and planning a last social event before the summer adventures commence become cyclic and welcome rituals!  Saying farewell to those leaving but knowing opportunities abound in every new hire looking to fill their shoes. Those Summer Adventures become learning opportunities for most teachers, whether taking an extra class, starting a new degree or traveling under the guise of "content" related.  "Of course that trip to Mexico connects to the classroom."

End of the year jitters and transitions also effect students!   The little scholars are excited to leave the responsibility of school behind, but in far too many homes, the uncertainty of summer brings meal issues, supervision issues, and way too much time on the latest video game!  Stress brings out behavior issues in many as their infractions are manifestations of mixed emotions.  Students with typically clean records end up in an office, not really sure themselves why their behavior was so out of character!

But we make it!  We persist.  We endure.  We strive to reach the end, subconsciously knowing it is the best thing for us.  This rejuvenation, rest and relaxation resets the teacher!  A return to center, a refocus on priorities and a renewed energy are a few of the results of these short few weeks off school.  Most teachers are just as busy in the summer as during the school year itself.

What is the best thing about teaching?  Connecting with children, making a difference in their lives and building a better tomorrow, one conversation at a time!

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