Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How long does it take to grow a PINEAPPLE?


My wife and I visited Hawaii for our one year anniversary.  We island hopped, took the road to Hanna, explored the volcanoes on the Big Island, attended a luau, and ate our share of perfect pineapples.  Interestingly enough, pineapples have a different growing cycle then most our our mainland fruits or vegetables.  As expected, time and temperature conditions indicate the success of the pineapple crop.
 In the St Louis climate, these tropical plants have to be put into a green house to weather the winter extremes!  Like a relationship that takes extra care to fully blossom.

Teachers are:

Teachers end up in the unique opportunity of service through connection.  School years have 175 days.  A gardener knows this is enough time for growing many vegetables.  Tomatoes, peppers, vines and even potatoes can all be planted and harvested in one typical growing season on most of the U.S.  Six months is not enough time to grow a pineapple though!
This morning flower of the bird house gourd opens in the dark and closes as the summer sun warms it. Like the beginning of a school. 

Classrooms are:

In the classroom, a teacher spends the first portion of the year building relationships, looking for common interests with students.  Gone are the days of "don't smile till Christmas."  Teachers serve the future by serving children today.  Teachers are intentional and deliberate.  Many teachers are not satisfied with the the phrase, "If I only reach one student, it is all worth while."  These extra special teachers reach children continuously, day in and day out.  Every one of her students receives more then just a history lesson.  Life lessons, manners and social competency pointers, just to name a few, make up the substance and thought processes of these special people.

What do our students remember the most?

This influence is unique to the profession.  Teachers teach because of the impact they know their presence makes.  They understand the biggest changes occur when they reach children.  To reach children, they develop those relationships based on shared and regular activities, like class or lessons.  Then, when students lives outside the classroom seep into school, a teacher is there to offer hope encouragement and support, like no other adult in the students lives.  These masters of impact know the students will learn under their tutelage.  These rock stars shape the climate of today.  But these champions know the children cherish the way she makes them feel.  The master know students remember the way their great teachers build their esteem, self confidence and 
After a few months of growing season, many things begin to mature, ripen and come to fruition simultaneously, forming diverse and colorful living flowering arrangements.  Like a classroom in the spring time.

Timing is everything

Just like a pineapple that take 18 months to ripen some relationships, take longer then others before a student maximizes the benefit of the healthy teacher-student relationship.  Most relationships take only a short time to develop.  The truly valuable relationships often take a bit more time.

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