Friday, January 24, 2014

No Logo?! ?

Does this look like enough red for a Cardinal Fan?

Now, It's hard to put a number or a scale on interest on a fan's enthusiasm.  But when a real baseball fan, player, coach and manager like @TonyLaRussa chooses to omit any single logo, we must all take note!  NO LOGO!?!
No Logo
By refusing any logo, he demonstrates his esteem for each organization and the contributions from those eras but endorses them all!  The White Sox and A's and even the Cardinals orginizations all fostered the environment necessary for the building of a true champion.  The question becomes, allegiance, picking favorites and ranking.  As the consummate coach, he always thinks of others.  Even listening to him talk reminds us to "tie for first." 

Brand Awareness
Conversely, organizations promote brand awareness, and loyalty fiercely and competitively as they struggle to get a piece of the pie.  Here we see the antithesis!

Not to take anything, but it reminds me of a lesson I struggle with still.  In a training workshop we had a breakout session in our small group.  The challenge was to tell as story, but there was a twist!  It just wasn't any story but a personal story about what happened last night.  The task was to tell the story but leave out the personal pronoun "I." 

Me, Myself and I
We not allowed to say things such as:
I went out with friends.
After dinner, I watched the game.
I wanted to go skating.
We had to determine a "work around" like:
A bunch of us went out last night and...
Did you see the game last night?
Does anybody want to go do something?  We could go skating.

Try it and see what it feels like.  Personally, it is still a challenge! Is there a lesson in there?  What is important about Tony chosing No Logo?  Are we ready for that?

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