Saturday, March 2, 2013

Games you can't win...

What games can't you win?
"Games you can't win, because you'll play against you."
Maybe you'll be trapped in a box, stuck in a rut, bound by real or imaginary borders?
This quote is hidden in Oh, The Places You'll Go, by the birthday boy.
A book written to motivate us to action and often read at commencements, has a nugget addressing confidence, affirmations and positive attitude. 
When we work against ourselves, we become the most formidable opponent.  Nobody else knows as much about us. Nobody else knows our struggles, inmost worries and deepest fears.  These three obstacles, Dr Seuss wants us to master!
"'ll play lonely games too.  Games you can't win because you'll play against you."
The Dr admonishes us to recognize, train and discipline our own internal dialogue.  This language is not the norm but must be learned and received from another that possesses a similar champion perspective. A master teacher knows this and builds on the slightest feature to accentuate positive and diminish the negative.
Well done, wms!
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  1. One game we can't win is the game or race that we don't enter, just sit and watch and afraid or just don't want to run

  2. Thanks Mel!

    A teacher friend of mine said, "The Blame Game!" Thanks Chris!