Thursday, January 10, 2013

Right people on the bus, in the right seats! #onthemap

We all know who Jim Collins is?  He wrote a book called Good to Great!
In this pic, my wife and I are at the Bixby Bridge.  Does anyone know where this bridge is?  Picking a partner like her is an example of getting the right person on the bus!  With her, along, I could go anywhere and do anything!
Collins had five premises for the book regarding things such as leadership, focus, communication etc.  My current favorite is: “First Who – Get the right people on the bus” (Then get them in the right seats.)

I believe this staff is filled with the right people, in the right seats. Throughout the day, so many things happen here at Winfield Middle School and I look around and over and over again, see the right person on the bus, in the right seat, doing the right thing!  Watching folks come together as a team.  Watching individuals step up in times of stress.  Watching folks attend to their daily duties with care and diligence.  So many things are done that I could never say thanks every time I see something good.  I would get little else done!

It is wonderful to watch so many good people do so many things, above and beyond normal that the new normal is now an even higher bar.  From hall duty to detentions to health issues to committee work to cafeteria duty, the list continues and there is no way this place would be nearly as successful without the individuals.

They fill in whenever necessary, helped out even when it was not their job, stepped up into a gap that only they knew was there and asked for nothing in return.

Folks don’t toot their own horn.  Folks are willing to apologize.  It flows over into the students as they see the right way to do things by just looking at this group of sincere adults all modeling professionalism!  Thanks for putting WMS on the map.  #onthemap


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  1. i really like your blog this is Mannix if you didn't know already i actually had time to sit down and read a couple of the articles i learned allot from the couple i just read