Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drinking from a fire hose? Take a look at the Common Core.

What is common about the Common Core?

Pop Quiz
1. When was the typewriter key board invented? _____
Bonus: Why? _________________________________

After hearing great things from William Daggett and others today at the Cooperating School District Common Core Presentations and Frontenac Hilton #CCSS #MOEdu,  there were a few take aways that may apply.

Here is the agenda.

Here as a list of talking points

1. The United States does a great job of educating EVERYONE.

2. Equity and Excellence are in conflict.  Both are expensive.

3. Revolution takes time.  (Try changing the bell schedule)
         a. Incremental
         b. Innovative
         c. Transformational

4.  Reading is  VITAL.
         a. Read something in every class, every day. (thanks WM)

5. Having a high bar helps.

6. Having a high bar hurts.

7. Rigor, relevance and relationships. 

8.  This FREE tool helps get the right books in the hands of the right kids.

9.  This site hosts the CCSS

10. Our students will know sites like this...  that give answers to everything.

11. Games teach. (Angry Birds anyone?)  Some games teach our curriculum. (Sushi Monster)

What is comm om about the common core? 
The groups of states responding to the cry from business leaders to supply career ready workers. These workers will keep us competitive in a flat world.  The goal is to have a consistent and common curriculum to compare educations and measure accurately across political boundaries.  Parents, students, community and educators alike want a valuable education.  The common core stresses reading, comprehension and real world applications to content by focusing on fewer things more intently.

Pop Quiz Answer:  1917
Why:  To slow down the fingering to keep the metal wands from becoming tangled during typing!

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